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Faith Baptist Church
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Faith Baptist Church was born on January 29, 1989. The congregation called Dr. Jeff Stiles as pastor and met Sunday mornings at the KOA Campground in Mims, Florida. Evening services were held in members’ homes.  After eight weeks, the McCotter Ford warehouse became available. On April 2, 1989, the formal organizational service was held with 15 pastors present.

 In June, 1990, the Church signed a lease to rent the Carpenter’s Union for Sunday and midweek services. The church purchased the land at 1220 North Carpenter Road in January of 1993, and there was an official ground breaking on October 17, 1993. Almost all Saturdays (and many weekdays) were spent over the next couple of years on the grounds and facility.

 The present facility was constructed in 1994 and 1995. Most of the interior of the building was completed by members and friends by early 1995. The first service in the new building was held on Wednesday evening, May 17, 1995; the first Sunday service was held on May 21. We paid off the note on the Carpenter Road facility in late 1999. God blessed us in 2013 by adding the back deck and modular allowing us to expand our Bible Fellowship.

 In the final days of 1998, the Lord brought us Jeremy Coppock to co-pastor with soon to retire Pastor Stiles. By the end of January, 1999, Pastor Stiles had retired, and church had called Jeremy Coppock to be the new pastor. The church grew as Pastor Coppock and his family grew. Pastor and Dana now have three children: Jeremy, Chloe and Matthew. In 2012 Christopher and Stacy Garrison joined us. Chris serves as our Assistant Pastor and Worship Leader, and he is now also our Youth Pastor.

 Faith Baptist has consistently invested in missions and missionaries in all parts of the globe. A Missions Conference is held annually as we hear preaching and enjoy fellowship with missionary guests. We have made many mission trips: 2001: Bahamas; 2003: Burma; 2004: Mexico; 2005: The Philippines; 2006: Cambodia; 2007: Haiti; 2008: Scotland; 2009: Suriname; 2010: Kenya; 2011: Bearing Precious Seed; 2012: Haiti; 2013: Lithuania; 2015: Bahamas; 2019: Colombia (planned).

 Many student opportunities provide the environment and teaching necessary to nurture Faith’s future leaders; these include yearly youth camp, Bible school, Harvest Festival, and more. In addition to Bible Fellowship, Children’s Church meets each Sunday morning, and there are exceptional student opportunities on Wednesday nights for young and old.

 Each year we acknowledge God’s blessing on another year of ministry. We enjoy many church-wide activities such as our Mother’s Day Concert, Father’s Day Breakfast, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas and Easter Concerts. At the first of each year we have revival services with guest evangelists who bring inspiring messages to encourage rededication and spiritual growth.

 Faith Baptist has had steady growth over these years as God has added many dedicated believers to our church. We have witnessed God’s plentiful goodness, and He has abundantly provided what we have needed to carry on His work. As Faith Baptist Church looks to the future, our goal remains to make disciples in order to lead them: to Know God, to Grow in Grace, and to Show Christ—all for the glory of God. We praise God for the privilege of 30 years of ministry in Titusville and its surrounding communities.


1220 N Carpenter Road | Titusville, FL 32796 | Phone: 321.269.5420